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Look younger and more energetic

Receive injectable fillers and soften the appearance of wrinkles. Say no to surgery but you'll still improve the way you look. Appear more youthful and energetic. No one will know what you've had done, but they will notice that you look great.

Choose your treatment

Have the ability to choose between Botox or Juvederm when you visit Salon SPAtoria. Receive expert guidance to help you select which treatment will best meet your needs. Our experienced staff will even hold your hand if you'd like.

Receive quick service during your lunch break or after work hours. Make time in your schedule to create an entire spa day full of services that allow you to feel great and look your best.


Amaze your friends and family members when you look years younger


Live it up

Take advantage of makeup application, waxing, and facials services offered at Salon SPAtoria. Know that you will be relaxed and look your best when you leave our spa.

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Rejuvenate yourself with Botox



Initial treatment or separate booking

Prebooking of future appts. following treatment*




Juvederm plus/2nd Vial

Juvederm XC plus/2nd Vial




Radiesse plus/2nd Vial



* Be sure to prebook your next Botox treatment to receive the $10.00/unit pricing.


** An average area of Botox is 25 units.




$12.00 per unit**

$10.00 per unit**





$600.00 / $500.00

$650.00 / $550.00




$650.00 / $550.00





Prices subject to change without notice.